Executive Program

A career accelarator for management positions in the hospitality industry.

  • French Ministry Level Certification II 
  • Total Credits: 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Admission requirements:

  • Courses: 100% in English
  • Candidates must work in a Hotel / Restaurant / Tourism structure


Duration of studies:

2 Years – Coming twice a week at school and keeping your full time position at your work place.


Training objective:

The Executive programme is a wonderful programme for hotel employees who would like to boost their career and get the finest academic knowledge in top of their operational experiences. Being employed as a full time employee, it is an amazing option to obtain a Bachelor degree in a shorter in 2 years only, studying twice a week at Vatel TLV.



  • Ministry of Tourism, Israel
  • Israel Hotel Association
  • MASA, Jewish Agency
  • Ministry of Integration, Israel


Title and Degrees awarded:

- Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management/Manager en Hôtellerie internationale
State level II degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications by the April 5, 2012 by-law set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012.


Equivalent certifications

European or international agreements

• Bachelor's Degree in Hotel

• Professional Bachelor's Degree

• Bachelor degree in Hotel

• Bachelor degree in Tourism

- European Bachelor Degree in International Hotel Management
Degree awarded by Eurhodip



Students are introduced to marketing, human resources, administration and professional culture, and become seasoned to catering, culinary production techniques, banquet constraints, unexpected events in receptions or seminars, and conclude their School year by an internship in the country where they are studying.

Management I
- Acquiring the vocabulary and basic concepts.
- Understand how it is an instrument of managerial policy.

Marketing I
- Understand the basics of marketing necessary to grasp the concept of marketing and its importance in business.

Human Resource Management I
- An introduction to the basic principles that govern Human Resource Management.

F&B / Hotel Environment
- Gaining general knowledge about the hospitality industry.

#TopicsNumber of hours between Nov- JanNumber of hours between Feb - May
1 Marketing 22 22
2 Human Resources 22 22
3 Accounting 22 22
4 Hotel Environment 22 22
5 F&B Environment 22 22
  TOTAL 110 110

SCHEDULE 2015-2016

- Welcome meeting: Monday 16th of November 2015 between 15H and 16H.

- Start of the academic school: Monday 16td of November 2015 at 16H

- End of the academic school: Friday 13th of May 2016

- Mid-term exam: Between 24/01/16 – 04/02/16

- Final exam: Between 15-26/05/16

- Holidays: 24-28/04/16

#TopicsNumber of hours Days & Hours
1 Accounting 2 Friday 12H-14H
2 Marketing 2 Friday 10H-12H
3 HR 2 Friday 08H-10H
4 Hotel Environment 2 Monday 16H-18H
5 F&B Environment 2 Monday 18H-20H


While continuing to enhance theoretical knowledge, students go deeper with the business school courses studied in Management 1 and learn new topics from the professional courses.

Management II
- Developing your managerial culture.
- Acquiring the foundations of European and American management systems.

Marketing II
- Learning operational and strategic marketing.

Human Resource Management II
- Familiarizing one’s self with the diverse aspects of Human resource Management and the management of competencies.

- Learning the basics of negotiation, preparing one’s self to negotiating agreements at different levels in the enterprise, and that it is used in every department on varying fronts (negotiating salaries with HR, for example).

- Putting in place the alimentary security standards in the hospitality business and conducting sensory analyses.

- Discovering the wine producing regions of the world.

#TopicsNumber of hours between Nov- JanNumber of hours between Feb - May
1 Marketing 26 26
2 Human Resources 26 26
3 Accounting 26 26
4 Wine / Nutrition 26 26
5 Negotiation 26 26
  TOTAL 130 130


-           Registration fees are 1500NIS per year from 2016.

-           Dress Code: badge 100NIS. Student must come to school with a professional dress code – personal uniform that must be approved by the school management team.

-           The course fees are 15 OOONIS per year. It is payable in a maximum 10 monthly payments, starting November 1st 2015 for the next school year start.