Admissions & Fees

Annual amount of tuition fees


Admission fees

350 € / 1.600 NIS

 Tuition fees
Management 1st year

6 000 € / 25.000 NIS


1. You contact the school of your choice to get the application

2. You fill out your application and return it to the campus of your choice with all the required documents. Attention: Only send a single application to the Vatel School of your choice. Multiple applications will be rejected.

3. The school examines the application and, if deemed eligible, invites you to take the and entrance test online/on campus.

4. These tests allow us to appreciate your motivation, level of English and your qualities and aptitude to engage in the careers in hospitality and tourism

5. The school will inform you of your admission within a few days.

6. The Admissions Office then contacts you to complete the administrative and financial formalities.

For more information, kindly get in touch with the Vatel campus that interests you.

Note: Students currently pursuing their final year may also apply for the upcoming intake, subject to successful completion of their degree /diploma at a later date, before the start of the Vatel program